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1.Quality management department
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for daily experiment, records;
                  2. Responsible for all related authentication work;
                  3. The supervision of production, and effective guidance to production;
                  4. Participate in health quality and food safety management system's establishment and implementation;
                  5. Able to doing traceability management to products from Purchasing to selling.
Requirements: 1. Food processing and other related professionals, college or above degree;
                   2. Proficient in producing process about dehydrated , frozen, fresh of vegetables, three years or above related working experience;
                   3. Good communication skills, good team work spirit and high sense of responsibility, work under pressure, innovative spirit, guarantee the quality of work.
2.Production department
Position: Technical personnel
Responsibilities: 1. responsible for the annual production plan for planning, seting up;
                     2. responsible for the production of various process ;
                     3. Participate in health quality and food safety management system's establishment and implementation
                     4. responsible for dehydrated vegetable, quick-frozen anti-staling production work.
Requirements: 1. Proficient in the production of garlic, chili, ginger. 
                      2. 3 years or above related working experience;
                      3. Loving their work, bearing hardships, responsibility.
3.International trade department
position: salesman
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for foreign trade business order, tracking and delivery;
                     2. Skilled using all sorts of electronic commercial platform and developing and sustaining foreign customers;
                     3. Actively communicate with customers, and handle customer feedback.
Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above;
                   2. Six Grade, good English application and dialogue ability;
                   3.1 years or above related working experience in foreign trade, Interesting in the industry of dehydrated vegetables, and IQF vegetables.mastering the Imp&Exp process.
                   4. Proficiency in the use of basic office software, have a certain network knowledge.
                   5. Have good analytical and problem solving ability, communication ability, the new plan and execute ability and negotiation skills.
Properties:     full-time position
Salary range:     negotiable
Working location:     handan
Age requirement:     no
Education background:    bachelor degree or above
Contact Person:    Manager Li
Tel:      13832046168, 0310-8848606
Email:       admin@hyycfood.com

Add:Agricultural Products Processing Park,Yongnian,Hebei,China Tel:0086-310-6960987 0086-310-8848606 Fax:0086-310-6960808
Website:www.hebycsp.com www.hyycfood.com