Huayu in action

  On the morning of July 27, Wang Lianzeng, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress and chairman of Huayu, and Yuan Jinfeng, general manager of Yongcheng food company, led a team to rescue garlic unsalable farmers in Daming County of Handan City, sharing their worries for the people in garlic township.

  Daming County, located at the junction of Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces, is a large agricultural county in the east of Handan, and is also a state-level poverty-stricken county. The county has a long history of planting garlic. Affected by market fluctuations, Daming garlic has a serious unsalable this year.

Huayu love purchase team

  In order to minimize farmers' losses and bear social responsibility, Huayu company made an emergency response and went to Daming County to purchase unsalable garlic overnight. More than 100 tons of 10 cars were sent back to Wandi town on the 26th, and more than 200 tons of 15 vehicles were sent back on the 27th. It is estimated that more than 10 million kilograms of garlic will be purchased in the first stage.

Address by Fang Yansheng, Secretary of Daming County Party committee

Speech by Chairman Wang Lianzeng

  Fang Yansheng, Secretary of the Daming County Party committee, highly praised Huayu's action of helping farmers: "Huayu's action of helping agriculture reflects the social responsibility of large enterprises and regains the confidence of garlic farmers in planting, which is of great significance.". Wang Lianzeng, chairman of the board of directors, said: "it is the social responsibility of every responsible enterprise to help farmers benefit farmers and help poverty. As a deputy to the National People's Congress, we will always uphold the forward-looking concept of Rural Revitalization and Huayu first, and make greater contributions to the road of rural revitalization, targeted poverty alleviation and common prosperity."


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