Analysis of 9 reasons why foreign customers ignore you and Solutions

1. The information you find is too old for the company to need this product.

Analysis: where did you get the information and when did you release it?

Solution: whether you can find the other party's website to see whether the other party's website has business or use such products; direct mail to ask customers whether you still need this product, please tell me, if you don't need it, I don't need to send you email frequently, so as not to delay your time.

2. The contact information you found is sales, which is too busy for the sales themselves. How can you spare time to pay attention to purchasing?

Analysis: This is very simple. The information that can be found directly is the sales mailbox, just as we also send B2B advertisements every day.

Solution: if the sales is willing to pay attention to you, you can lure them to profit. Anyway, you are selling my products or the downstream products of my products. You have a better understanding of the market. I will help you do a part-time job. I will give you a commission

3. The customer already has a fixed supplier and does not intend to change it for the time being.

Analysis: This is best supported by relevant data, such as customs data, such as inquired by the following people.

Solution: don't think foreigners are too complicated. They are also human beings. I have "internal lines" in many customer companies. Of course, these internal lines are not real internal lines. They are the small clerks I contact with inside through telephone or email. They may not be anything, but I often chat with them and can get a lot of information. For example, I can know their business situation If the other party has been purchasing this product and ignoring me, it must be that my conditions are not enough for him to betray his partner. There is a word, do not betray, because the price is not enough, I increase the weight, take him.

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