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Why do companies build web site?

Time:2011-09-06 09:57:42  Source:  Author:

A company does not have website, it is normal for small companies, China has more than 3 million businesses, of which 80% had no company website, the company currently has about 600,000 sites, about 20 percent of businesses have websites, but still a considerable part of the company, its size is very large, but no formal website, or only the parent company's site, there is no simplified Web site, or tested, but failed to successfully open the site.


Some of the company's Web site if any, and their disproportionate size of the company, like a five-star hotel, which opened in the mountains, have called others to live.

We can try to use search engine, in general, use google or Baidu, with the company name to search for, if not the first page of search you can say that the company has no website.

Some companies do not build their own websites, their own data directly to the company claims can bring some traffic to commercial websites, the establishment of what enterprise database, business cards, or just one of a certain site, put a little information such as the company address the matter, the company image you, and then explain the company's products, all of the data may not exceed 1,000 words, these companies may not use that site, but they still listen to some commercial sites salesman their own company information put up, and some took part in what the Association, the Association to be information on the Association's reluctance to give some of the Web site, even if the business online.

Imagine, a unit of thousands of people, no one visiting their products to the Internet, even bother to come here to find their phone, because some companies believe that this is not important. A company can invest tens of millions of factories, but not willing to properly run their own promotions, not unwilling, but not a responsible network management personnel to explain the seriousness of the boss.

According to statistics, China has about 60 million businesses, "the Internet", which in fact only 80% of which the pursuit of popularity, so we have to count, China has 80 million Internet users, 80% of the time they spent online doing? with a view news, find music, find a pornographic website, portal website to find a mess of things, such as mobile phone information like what the remaining 20% ​​is the eight children in search of useful information that is there every day 16 million people in search of them may have access to your company's website, and there's people is the most used search engine, they use search to find what they need, assuming that a real person is the day the search something meaningful, then the 600,000 average of a corporate website will be clicked 27 times. That is, if your company's Web site belonged to the middle level, it is estimated there are 27 individual times a day should look too average to five or a look at five individuals and this projection is very rough, but I want to say is, if you do not do any effort, you want to get 80 people or 800 people a day of visits, not a simple thing, not to mention if little things you do not do it.

Why do so many companies do not attach importance to the site was visited? The reason is very simple, I take an analogy, many living in the Tibetan plateau shepherd, along with their father and mother's children, everywhere, sheep, rarely see the other " human beings "in their eyes, Mom and Dad can not see beyond the human is a normal thing, so they never think of what we think of" relationships "of the type of problems, the attitude of these companies and these websites shepherd children like, they never thought what site can bring to the company, so even found their website, no one came, laughed, did not respond.

But maybe they do not know, their opponents on the world, have begun to notice the power of the site, there are many companies because the site several times and the company expanded, doing a lot of things.

These companies never neglect the site, maybe they have magic to survive, but after 5 years, 10 years later? I believe that many companies do not need the site, but we think 3 million is 20% of enterprises which 600 000, again 20% is 120,000, the 12 million companies in the United States and Europe has proven, if you do not attach importance to web site, will be eliminated.

How to build a standard website, and rapidly increasing traffic, establish a new era in e-commerce company image, new orders at this stage all the company's challenges.

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