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Health food packing should be closely to green wave

Time:2011-09-06 10:03:36  Source:  Author:

Flashy packaging line is a weakness of health food. Many manufacturers aware of the problem, is working to improve. To this end, developed countries provide some of the packaging concept, I hope a reference.

Environmental protection is a worldwide topic, is the rise of global "green wave" in the development of packaging industry must also consider environmental issues, in this respect has developed some new ideas:

Material selection: reducing environmental stress

Selection of packaging materials, try to use easy-to-handle materials and actively develop new packaging materials, to reduce pressure on the environment. Currently many companies in Europe and America has developed an environmentally "green packaging." Molded pulp packaging is replacing traditional hard-degradable plastic materials. For example, a U.S. company has developed a renewable pad of paper packaging materials, it is the use of old newspapers and then for this packaging, can be difficult to replace the now widely used in the degradation of the foam cushion material.

Go to: development of edible packaging

Development of edible packaging is a new way. Food packaging is big industrial packaging, accounting for about 70% of the packaging industry. Food packaging waste on the environment pollution is also the largest. Therefore, to solve the problem of food packaging waste is packaging a major problem, and the development of edible packaging materials in food packaging waste is to solve the contradiction between environmental protection and a good way, it is made of a goal does not affect the packaging of packaged food flavor film, this film edible.

For example, a company in Queensland, Australia made an edible potato chip packaging, people eat a potato chip after the packaging edible, does not cause waste; Japan developed the material with the shells off the acetic acid extract of the edible wrapping paper made from chitosan, which edible wrapping paper packaged noodle seasoning can be directly set fire to the pot cooking. Edible packaging is convenient to use people's lives and avoid packaging waste pollute the environment, it is worth further study.

Packaging Design: Consider environmental requirements

1 packaging design to make use of the same material or detachable material can co-exist. Easy single material packaging recovery and recycling. Appeared on the market, such as a high-density polyethylene without the base of the Coke bottle of pure polyester, to facilitate regeneration. Multi-level structure of the composite materials must be considered easy separation without prejudice to re-use. Such as coated aluminum beverage listening in the recovery of the organic coating can be melted when the combustion of organic coating is not difficult to recycle, while the compound is difficult to separate paper and plastic packaging for purification.

2 design cycle recyclable packaging. Use of reusable packaging is both resources and reduce pollution, should be vigorously promoted. Japan's Asahi, Sapporo Beer Company has developed a long life of beer bottles, beer bottles stronger than the original strength of 10%, average life expectancy may be extended to double the service life of up to 16 years.

3 packaging as simple as possible, so that appropriate packaging. Excessive packaging waste of resources, but also cause unnecessary environmental pollution. Some developed countries are advocating appropriate packaging, and have issued a number of laws and regulations. Such as the United States to the degree of luxury goods packaging complex made according to certain specifications limit the proportion of over-packaging beyond the requirements of the heavy penalties. This forced manufacturers to simplify packaging. Japan even proposed a "zero packaging" ideas.

Separation and recovery: the use of renewable resources

As the packaging waste is a big environmental pollution, countries are seeking the separation and recovery of packaging waste, for recycling. For example, the separate collection of packaging waste in Germany doing well, both the recovery of a large number of useful materials, but also the use of waste incineration to generate energy, but also reduces environmental pollution.

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