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21 century is the age of the knowledge economy, the development of knowledge economy requiring......

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The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, knowledge economy requires that every company must have the ability to continue to innovate, and only continuous innovation, enterprises can maintain their vigor and vitality, to the fierce competition in the market in an invincible position. How to ensure sustained innovation, ultimately depends continuously enhance learning ability. When an organization to learn faster than the rate of change when it is greater than the internal changes to ensure that the external changes, it will never be eliminated. In 2001, human capacity building in APEC summit, Jiang Zemin put forward a "lifelong education system, building a learning society," the great call. Enterprises as the most active part of society, on the inside on the outside, should be the first to build a learning organization actors.
Hebei Shenzhou Hongyuan paper industry in China today as a pioneer in the development of recent years in the industry to ensure its continued leadership in actively committed to creating a learning enterprise, from full to stimulate enthusiasm for learning, enhance the overall quality and full professional skills to start to cultivate a source of innovation and core competitiveness of enterprises laid a solid foundation for rapid development. Hebei Shenzhou Hongyuan people-oriented to create a positive learning enterprise, Hebei Shenzhou Hongyuan take off into the development of a steady stream of fresh blood, will promote business in the new century bigger and bigger, grow stronger

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