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Vacuum cooling technology escort for deli processing

Time:2011-09-06 10:18:32  Source:  Author:

With the national standards throughout the food hygiene and safety standards have launched the work, the cooling part of the cooked food manufacturers increasingly more important.
Currently, the domestic production of cooked food processing industry in general practice, most of the use of traditional cooling hair preservation, such as sharing cool style natural cooling, forced-type fan cooling, air-conditioned room cooling, cooling method, etc. Health and cold water. These traditional cooling methods, such as cooked food to cool 6-7 hours before packaging, not only increasing the enterprise's human and material expenses, can not guarantee the safety of health products; the contrary, will increase the chance of bacterial growth.

Because when cooked food on an open workshop storage, food temperature dropped from 70 ℃ 30 ℃ in the process, the bacteria most likely to reproduce the environment, food and bacteria by fermentation rate was significantly accelerated, it is easy to cause serious exceeded. Therefore, to achieve the cooling cooked food production from the traditional methods to modern methods of cooling across, all cooked on the domestic food production enterprises is a priority. Shanghai-green Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional preservation in the "cold chain" equipment, fresh development, manufacture and installation of high-tech enterprise, has won seven national patents, three national key new product certificate awards.

Over the years, Shanghai's elite bright green vacuum cooling technology has been committed to the application in food processing research. The company has developed for steam cooked vacuum cooling confidential processing of food production, processing process is not the lack of significant cooling. The moisture content of cooked food in an enclosed container window, under vacuum conditions by using physical methods of water evaporate quickly, in just 15 minutes, the cooked food products can be quickly cooled from 100 ℃ to 10 ℃ below the packing temperature, completely avoid the of 70 ℃ to 30 ℃ the "bacterial breeding zone." And cooling of cooked food in the whole entire process is conducted in closed cabinets, so as to achieve sterile cooling, it also enables the surface temperature of cooked food, and core temperature remain uniform cooling state. Vacuum cooling cooked food processing machine in apparent advantages are: the production of cooked food to avoid bacteria contamination in the air and bacteria breeding opportunities for the implementation of food safety project to provide a health and safety protection, so that consumers can really eat "their food"; for enterprises, reducing costs, and improved business productivity.

According to the Shanghai Food Research Institute tests show that treated by vacuum cooling of cooked food vacuum packaging with polyethylene bags, and then pasteurized process supporting the cold storage at 5 ℃ in, the shelf life of up to 45 days, The traditional method of cooling the cooked food under the same conditions, the shelf life of only 20 days.

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