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The Imp&Exp new rules about Food Packaging will be implemented in August 1

Time:2011-09-06 10:20:13  Source:  Author:

Reporters learned yesterday from Dongguan Exit Inspection and Quarantine, according to the AQSIQ has issued the "import and export food packaging containers, materials, inspection and supervision regulations," the import and export food packaging, new regulations will be August 1 come into force.
    By then, the city's exports of food packaging of all food packaging manufacturers and importers to implement record management, Dongguan Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the record by the production of food packaging containers implementation cycle testing.

    Toxic materials shall not be used in food packaging

    It is reported that import and export food packaging containers, packaging materials is expected to have contact with food or in contact with food import and export of food within the packaging, sales packaging, transport packaging and packaging materials.

    Under the new requirements, the production of export food packaging materials (including additives) and the product must comply with mandatory safety and health requirements of technical regulations shall not be used does not meet health and safety or hazardous materials in direct contact with food processing packaging; first times for processing and export of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, including ink and additives should be tested and qualified in the inspection and quarantine authorities for the record; not record or fail the inspection of food packaging containers shall not be used for packaging, in full bloom food exports, imports food packaging (including packaging of food products have) not been allowed to fail inspection or test marketing and use.

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