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The ministry of commerce strengthen agricultural information service

Time:2011-09-06 08:53:15  Source:  Author:

Online International Business Daily News 29 in the Ministry of Commerce held a "2006 agricultural exports preferential agricultural policy conference and information seminars." Conference, Vice Minister of Commerce Yi Xiaozhun, Ministry of Commerce launched a "special agricultural trade," a new Web site, information services and publishing the identity of agricultural exports.

Yi Xiaozhun Speaking at the press conference, Mr, agricultural information services of public business information service system is an important part of the future, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to increase investment, rich content and increase the market price information and other foreign companies to focus dynamic information to improve the level of public services, better services for the agricultural trade, for export enterprises.

Yi said that at present, China's agricultural exports are still small and medium enterprises based, low level of organization, difficulties in collecting information, the government should integrate information resources to enrich the content of public service. Public information service of agricultural exports in recent years, the Commerce Department is the focus of efforts to promote the work. Since 2004, the Commerce Department into more than 500 million public information platform to create agricultural exports for three consecutive years on Export information dissemination activities, the introduction of public information products, widely welcomed by the community. On this basis, is now offering the European Union, ASEAN, Canada, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates 6 Market Guide, tea, garlic, canned mushrooms, chicken products, four products guide, and the opening of "special agricultural trade," the new Website and logo. Ministry of Commerce formed a government website as a platform to publish the policy, market guides, product guides, import and export statistics, warning the industry, overseas newsletters, market dynamics as the main, to institutions abroad, local commerce authorities, industry organizations, research units of channel information service system of agricultural exports.

The conference is the second since 2004, the Ministry of Commerce held the third agricultural export information dissemination. Information service system adhere to agricultural exports, "trade agriculture, services to help farmers," the faith, service "three rural" for the community, the country 20,000 enterprises engaged in international trade of agricultural products to provide professional information services. The Ministry of Commerce website for the information service platform, relying on the 207 institutions abroad, 38 local competent commercial departments and other authoritative CFNA Chinese industry, "special agricultural trade," monthly report provides an annual 12, 26 large products reported trade data for 39 countries, 16 major national markets guide, 8 categories Product Guide, International Trade, market early warning, Overseas News; agricultural exports, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and many other foreign technical barriers to dynamic information products.

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