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Staff spirit: to challenge themselves, never satisfied
By creating a company-wide "ratio, school, time, help, super," the learning environment so that employees subject to its infection, and establish self-consciously into the sense of learning. In recent years, the company is to create a life-long learning, catch, learning environment go hand in hand, one hand on a regular basis in various departments to carry out a wide range of organizations such as "technical competition, job training," Abacus, cutting paper selection, lathe, welder and other competitions; the other hand, focused on enhancing the quality of products and services, to develop new technologies, new products, new technology, safety, cost efficiency and the main line, carried out in all forms of long-term labor contest , and specially set up technological innovation, management innovation, rationalization proposals, self-taught and other awards to encourage staff to play their own expertise by learning a bold innovation, tapping the potential synergies. Competition emerged in the advanced collectives and individuals, will the tree to learn the "benchmark", and credited to employee evaluation files, as pay, promotion, housing allocation priorities based on a powerful incentive for employees passion for learning, training of employees to challenge themselves, and never meet the learning and pioneering spirit.
Employment system: track selection horse is the only example
To enable all employees have a sense of crisis and progress time awareness, the company developed and implemented a staff "to the next can, the can be hired," the dynamic management mechanism. In selecting and employing people, adhere to the "no horses track horse selection" for all vacancies, in accordance with "fair, open and fair" principle, the implementation of open enrollment, speech defense, democratic evaluation, scientific merit, program management approach. Origin do not ask, do not look sensibilities, do not take care of the relationship, the only example, the formation of their talent was the best use of capable, the levels were so, commonplace under good employment mechanism. Life tenure for leading cadres to break, using the annual assessment appointment. All leading cadres at the end of each year to conduct a full evaluation of democracy and "morality, ability, diligence, and achievements," the overall quality of assessment, evaluation results failed, be dismissed. On key management and technical staff positions, monthly evaluation and job performance evaluation, non-performing for three consecutive months or if the business failed examination, will transferred from their posts. End of the annual job performance evaluation, performance evaluation, 5% in the post, laid-off unemployed. Through the implementation of such a dynamic management mechanism, so that each person has a learning will not be out of a sense of crisis, and thus consciously self-pressurized, efforts by learning to improve their professional skills.

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