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China: Poultry food is expected to enter into Japan again

Time:2011-09-06 09:03:45  Source:  Author:

China Poultry Association Wangjin You said here today in the Chinese and the Japanese government in terms of poultry cooked food quarantine negotiations progress smoothly, Japan has pledged to lift because of avian flu in China to take the food of poultry clamp, China poultry cooked food exports to Japan are expected to return to normal after a month.
Wangjin You arrived here today is to accept the foreign media delegation made ​​the above remarks.

Wangjin You said that poultry cooked food during processing temperature is generally in more than 100 degrees Celsius, is completely safe. Japan, including the previously frozen poultry, including China's clamp down on food imports is not appropriate.

Wangjin You said the Chinese government has now recommended a Japanese domestic poultry processing enterprise security list. Japanese government will soon send quarantine officers to inspect these enterprises, Chinese enterprises are recoverable through the export of poultry to Japan cooked food.

Wang Jinyou also revealed that Japan and its other partners in a major importer of Thai poultry products on poultry products imported cooked negotiations went very smoothly.

It is reported that, as a subsidiary of Shandong Weifang Wang Jinyou Zhucheng general manager of foreign trade, just a few days ago, accompanied by the Chinese Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission and other departments delegation of Japan, on China's cooked poultry exports to Japan food issues and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health conducted the negotiations.

It is understood that since the outbreak of bird flu, poultry exports account for half of China's Shandong Province has not been a single case of suspected and confirmed cases. Zhucheng poultry products, foreign trade companies of China's total annual exports of about exports accounted for 10% of total exports last year, about 8,000 $ 5 million, its main export countries to Japan.

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