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Our country will implement QS Certification for food packaging product

Time:2011-09-06 09:19:19  Source:  Author:

In recent years, China's food safety and quality has improved significantly, but there are serious food packaging product safety hazards. It is reported that China will strengthen the food packaging products, certification and accreditation, this year, China's impact on food packaging mandatory product certification system, that of food packaging products QS market access system. The industry believes that the certification will be China's enterprises of food packaging products, market access for the first mandatory certification system, its impact on food packaging manufacturers a significant impact, an estimated 1 / 3 of the delisting of the company will be eliminated.

It is understood that, in recent years, from food packaging (film) products to carcinogenic PVC cling film, disposable fast food box to the nearest toxic baby bottles, were found in the packaging materials and printing inks there are serious safety and health problems. According to the China Plastics Recycling Plastic Association special committee director, vice president of the Golden Lion, from the last year, the state food packaging, containers to carry out major safety and environmental protection certification for various food packaging and container products, which include plastic products, paper products , composite packaging, metal packaging, ceramic packaging and other 21 categories 139 kinds of products. This year, the state will introduce mandatory food packaging industry QS certification standards and the implementation details, including the certification will be the first in the food and beverage industry, plastic packaging, paper packaging and composite packaging products to implement. It is understood that the current domestic plastic food packaging (including containers, tools) food packaging accounts for about 30% of the share is rising, its faster than paper food packaging, therefore, plastic food packaging products certification is currently the focus of certification. Dong Lion believes that this is the first time the implementation of market access for food packaging mandatory certification system is expected to have 1 / 3 Enterprise is easy to get certified, 1 / 3 of the business by strengthening the management and after the transformation through the certification, but also over 30% of enterprises will face closure or converting.

According to reports, the AQSIQ is currently implemented on the QS certification of food packaging products are being developed specific rules, is expected to be formally implemented the second half. Dong Lion that food packaging products in China QS certification rules with reference to the latest standards for food and packaging materials. It is, at present, China's food and packaging materials (plastic) mandatory regulations there are two, one is the "Food Sanitation Law"; the other is for plastic products, "food consumption of plastic products and raw materials, health management approach."

Another report, China's PVC food wrap the new standard is being developed currently in the last year, authorities have set up Chinese food standards committee, to revise the standard for food packaging. Industry insiders estimate that the standard is expected to wrap by the end of the introduction. (Wang Xiaoru)

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