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The local administrator inspect our company

Time:2011-09-06 09:25:06  Source:  Author:

Hebei Huayu Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. After 26 years of ups and downs to today's group of companies with many subsidiaries, including Hebei Huayu Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd. is a chicken breeding, hatching sales, feed processing, grain, etc. as one of the large-scale private joint-stock enterprises, provincial and municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the national livestock industry, excellent business, the largest shell egg powder production base; Hebei Hua Yu Yongcheng food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of AD and FD food food large-scale food processing enterprises in Hebei Province and the country with the best in the industry; Hebei Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd and Wing Shing Wrecker food companies have achieved remarkable results.

     August 24th Municipal People's Congress and Yongnian County leaders to our inspection, by the chairman Mr. Wang Lianzeng accompanied first visited Yongcheng food AD food production line, and for leaders to explain this line in the plant processing procedures methods of operation and precautions, in accordance with production and processing program leaders have visited the cut garlic steam peeling plant plant plant broken valve slice garlic processing plant plant, the leaders after the visit high marks given to food companies, but also for our work in the production problems made ​​valuable suggestions. Subsequently, the leaders went to visit the company's new avian Huayu modern incubation room - second hatching room.

     Leaders said the development of our company is recognized and that it would support the company's development as much as possible. And the company raised new hopes and expectations, hope we redouble our efforts to create a more brilliant chapter Huayu.

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