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Zhou-Tienong , Li-Wuwei along with the members from Democratic revolution committee inspect our company

Time:2011-09-06 16:17:46  Source:  Author:

Today, the vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, KMT Central Committee Chairman Zhou Tienong, Vice Chairman of KMT Central Executive Vice President Li Wuwei, the rate of KMT Central Research Group in Handan City Party Secretary Guotai building, Yongnian County, the county party secretary while flying, etc. leadership, accompanied by nearly 4 pm, come to our company, tour guide.

2 全国人大常委会副委员长、民革中央主席周铁农(右一)、全国政协副主席、民革中央常务副主席厉无畏(右三)视察华裕.jpg

 Leave the processing line, Zhou Peng and other leaders of the Huayu Group Order of decades of development and food companies spoke highly of the overall production for the development of Huayu valuable comments and suggestions. Lian-chairman of the leadership at all levels increase, the guidance of those who express our sincere gratitude Wong Tung & Partners, said the company will live up to expectations, continue to be strict with themselves, through Huayu people continue efforts to further develop and expand Huayu. Increased focus on food companies to move forward, faster, and better integration with the world. Hua Yu Li Wuwei again earnestly encourage people to dare to practice, the courage to open up, start with the performance of officers, lifted the banner of the Huayu higher.

Pictured on the company bulletin boards before, Huayu Chairman Mr. Wang Lianzeng to guests on the Huayu Group's overall development, the scale of development subsidiary, Hua Yu Yongcheng Food Co., Ltd. to do the production and operation in detail.

Since then, Wong Tung & Partners group focuses on the development of the next few years in the national planning and preparation layers such as demonstration farms Introduction of several large projects done. And led the Zhou Tienong, Li Wuwei line leading into a dehydrated vegetable processing conducted site visits to learn more about our flagship products, production processes and exit inspection and quarantine, and to join Wong Tung & Partners, to Huayu high expectations. 

4 河北省委书记张云川(左二)视察华裕公司.jpg


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