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Yongnian Garlic

YongNian garlic---With a long history, good quality, is China national geographic indication products,and has been appraised as "Hebei famous agricultural products".
YongNian garlic sensory characteristics: 4 cm to 6cm in diameter, 4-6 cloves, the same size , not easy to dehydrate, storage,Yongnian Garlic is the traditional "four-six cloves" . The garlic cloves---thin skin, strong odor,much juice, is traditionally thought a good spice.
Yongnian Garlic contain more allicin, organic germanium, selenium, super oxide dismutase (SOD) than other origin high. 100g of Garlic products containing:
 allicin: 0.0794%, protein acuity:7.0 g, fat acuity 0.14 g, crude fiber:0.88 g, vitamin C acuity 13.3 mg, total amino acids acuity 5.1 g.
May 21, 1998, YongNian garlic promotion plan is listed as "national high yield and good quality and high agriculture standardized demonstration area project" by national , which speeds up the pace of reforming traditional garlic with science and technology.
In October,1998,Yongnian garlic is named as "Hebei Famous Agricultural products" by Hebei province.
In April,2002, Yongnian garlic is named as "Garlic township of Hebei" by Hebei province
In 1999 and 2005,Yongnian has been identified as "the national standardization agricultural production demonstration area" by China national technical supervision bureau .
YongNian Garlic products such as salted garlic cloves, garlic in sugar, garlic in honey, dehydrated garlic flakes, garlic granules and garlic powder can meet the National standard, The garlic products mainly be exported to Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, eastern Europe,the United States and other countries, This effectively drive the development of garlic industry and Also make YongNian garlic becoming the famous brand in the world.

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